One thing

we can all agree on,

is that 2016 was quite a shitty year!

A year filled with terrorist strikes,

civil wars, dangerous people seizing power,

countless famous beloved artists and scientists dying too soon,

and all the personal tragedies so many people have been through...

For 2017,

We wish you a year filled with lolcats, videos of your kids' first 'word' ('glarbleb' is not a word, but whatever...), photos of your food, photos of your cat, photos of your cat's food, landscape photos with stupid 'philosophical' quotes that don't mean anything...

In short, we wish you a year so devoid of tragedy that we will all have the pleasure to be bored again by the insignificance of the things that make you happy.

From the bottom of our hearts,

We wish you a boring but happy 2017!